• Customize Trip on request Chopta Chandrashila Trek

    Chopta Chandrashila Trek

    chandrashila is summit of the Tungnath . It literally means "Moon Rock". It is located at a height of about 4,000 metres (13,000 ft) above sea level. This peak provides a spectacular view of Himalayas

  • Customize Trip on request Gomukh Tapovan Gangotri Glacier Trek

    Gomukh Tapovan Trek

    Tapovan is a high, situated at the base of Mount Shivling , on the west bank of the Gangotri glacier. Tapovan is base camp for Shivlinga peak in Uttarakhand hills.The Tapovan trek takes one to the Gomukh at the Gangotri glacier .

  • Customize Trip on request valley of flowers Trek

    valley of flowers Trek

    Valley of Flowers is a vibrant and splendid national park reposing in West Himalayas. Nestled in Uttarakhand, this alluring place is famous for its charming meadows of alpine flowers. Endowed with a diverse range of endemic flora, it is picturesque .

  • Customize Trip on request Har Ki Dun Trek

    Har Ki Dun Trek

    Valley of Gods is a treat for first time trekkers and nature lovers. Har Ki dun is a moderate trek which takes you to the one of the least explored places in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand and best suitable for first time trekkers in Himalayas.

  • Customize Trip on request Dodital Trek

    Dodital Trek

    Dodital trek.The trek takes you through dense forest and open meadows and eventually to the beautiful Dodital Lake and eventually to Dwara Pass Top at 4150 Meters offers mesmerising views of Dhauladhar and Greater Himalayan Ranges. At 3050 Meters.

  • Customize Trip on request Dayara bugyal trek

    Dayara bugyal trek

    Dayara Bugyal is considered to be the most breathtaking. The trek brings us to a highland meadow situated in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand which stands tall at an elevation of 10,000-12,500ft.This lush green expanse of meadows serves as an excellent destination.

  • Customize Trip on request Gomukh Tapovan Gangotri Glacier Trek

    Gidara bugyal Trek

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  • Customize Trip on request Nagtiba trek

    Nagtiba trek

    Nag Tibba trek through the mountains in Uttarakhand. The end of monsoon translates into a cool weather, and the snow in the height of the season is all you need to enjoy the time. Nag Tibba is roughly a 10000-feet high mountain peak.

  • Customize Trip on request Bedni Bugyal Trek

    Bedni Bugyal Trek

    Considered amongst the finest high altitude grasslands in the Garhwal mountains (altitude 3354 metres) famous for wild high altitude flowers and herbs during the spring thaw, and offering a splendid view of the Greater Himalayan

  • Customize Trip on request Auli Gorson Bugyal Trek

    Auli Gorson Bugyal Trek

    Auli - Gorson is one such fortuity a trekker can enjoy shuffling through some pages of geography. On this trek of Garhwal Himalayas, the intimidation doesn’t seem to cross mind due to its easy level. Staring from the Rishikesh to Joshimath.

  • Customize Trip on request Kauri Pass Trek

    Kauri Pass Trek

    Curzon's Trail in honour of Lord Curzon who first travelled on it. Kuari Pass is world-renowned for offering clear views of some highly prominent mountains, such as Nanda Devi, Kamet, Trishul and Dunagiri. The winter season is the ideal.

  • Customize Trip on request Brahmatal  trek

    Brahmatal trek

    Brahma Tal is a hidden and secluded lake amidst the ridge, where Lord Brahma meditated according to mythology.The peak view from the route is captivating; from east to west one can see the High Himalayan ranges. From right to left on .

  • Customize Trip on request Kedarkantha trek

    Kedarkantha trek

    Kedarkantha trek which is another beautiful trek. Close to the famous Har ki dun valley, this place is lesser visited. Steeped in unsurpassed beauty, over here you find charming villages, vast stretches of meadows, snow paths and magnificent views.

  • Customize Trip on request Gomukh Tapovan Gangotri Glacier Trek

    Mandani valley trek

    Mandani Valley is one of the most beautifull valley of flower of Garhwal Himalayas. Valley is around 4-5 Km. long and 1 km. wide. Some of the adventurous trekkers follow the Ukhimath Kedarnath route via Manani Bugyal, Kham Pass. Manani Bugyal is one of the finest bugyal.

  • Customize Trip on request Rishikesh Winter trek

    Rishikesh Winter trek

    360 degree Himalayan view trek offers you mesmerizing view of Himalayan range which include Yamunotri, Gangotri Kedarnath and Badrinath peaks view. Sunrise view from 8000 ft. makes this trek perfect destination for nature loves. best trek in Near Rishikesh

  • Customize Trip on request Panch Kedar Trek

    Panch Kedar yatra

    Lord Shiva: Panch Kedar Trekking is all about trekking across the most celebrated routes of the five major shrines of Lord Shiva all situated on the Kedarnath valley. Kedarnath, which is situated at the head of the Mandakini River,

  • Customize Trip on request Pindari Glacier Trek

    Pindari Glacier Trek

    Kumaon region of Uttrakhand, trek to Pindari Glacier is one such trekking trail that will take you through the spectacular landscapes, snow clad glaciers, and far-flung villages of the Kumaon region, which you might have only seen in the fairy tales.

  • Customize Trip on request Gangotri Nandavan Trek

    Gangotri Nandavan Meru Trek

    The Gangotri to Nandanvan trek is one of the spiritual as well as adventurous journeys in the Garhwal Himalayas region. It's just not about a pilgrimage but the colourful alpine-scapes, farfetched snow clad mountains.

  • Customize Trip on request Nanda Devi Trek

    Nanda Devi Trek

    Nanda Devi Trek is a trans-Himalayan trek which commences at Munsyari(2290 mts) and the route ascends up the Gori Ganga river gorge which separates the Nanda Devi group from the beautiful peaks of the Panch Chulli group. The initial part of Nanda Devi Treks.

  • Customize Trip on request Bali Pass trek

    Bali Pass trek

    Bali pass trek (4850 m.) goes through the mountainous ridge-line which divides the valleys of Ruinsara and Yamuna. It is also known as Yamunotri pass. This ridge-line works as the barrier between the catchment areas of Yamuna river from the Ruinsara valley.

  • Customize Trip on request Gangotri Kedar Tal Trek

    Gangotri Kedar Tal Trek

    Kedar Tal sited at an altitude of 4912 from sea level in the Gangotri area of Garhwal Himalayas. One gets to see astounding views of the Greater Himalayan peaks such as Thalayasagar (6904 mts), Bhirgupanth (6772 mts) and Jogin Group of peaks.

  • Customize Trip on request Panpatia Col Trek

    Panpatia Col Trek

    Panpatia Col connects two famous holy shrines on India, Badrinath and Kedarnath. As per legend this is the only direct route followed by the mythical priest who performed Puja at both the shrines in a single day. Panpatia snowfield is amongst the biggest snowfield

  • Customize Trip on request Auden’s Col Trek

    Auden’s Col Trek

    Auden's Col an Introduction Col is a mountain pass which connects Jogin I (6465m) and Gangotri III (6580m) peaks and is reportedly situated at a height of around 5400m. It also binds two glaciers on the opposite sides. One is Khatling glacier and the other one looks like the glacier belonging.

  • Customize Trip on request Kalindikhal

    Kalindikhal Pass Trek

    Kalindikhal Pass Trek, well known as the Daddy of all the treks in Garhwal Himalaya in Uttarakhand State is one of the most challenging and adventurous treks that covers a total distance of 99 kms. The route of this tough trail starts from Gangotri and ends at Badrinath Valley..